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Rebecca Broberg’s body of work includes an impressive list of CDs and a DVD, where her emotional intensity and commitment to the text in operatic and recital can be felt immediately. Her repertoire experience has encompassed the medieval until now, with major points of interest including Barbara Strozzi, Gabriel Fauré, Wagner father and son, and contemporary composers such as Wolfram Graf and Uwe Strübing.
Major influences on her development as a musician have included the advice and guidance of Mary Anne Ballard and Peter P. Pachl.
Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Rebecca Broberg played the flute and piano, sang in the chorus and participated in the bell choir at school. After private voice studies with Robert Grooters, Rebecca Broberg majored in music at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was active in the Collegium Musicum and Baroque Ensemble, under the instruction of Mary Anne Ballard, Alexander Blachly and Webb Wiggins. She then studied voice at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore with Helen Boatwright and Stanley Cornett, and minored in viola da gamba. A twist of fate and an adventurous bent brought her to Germany, where chance occurrences along with a pursuit to know the unknown have led to the following recordings, excerpts of which have been broadcast on radio internationally.

Art Song
Ludwig Thuille :
Ausgewählte Lieder ( Oehms Classics OC 805 )
Nachtreise und Theuerdank ( Thorofon CTH2616/2 )
Urschlamm-Idyll und Heiligenschein ( Thorofon CTH2578 )

Siegfried Wagner:
Wahnfried Idyll ( Marco Polo 8.225349 )

Erich J. Wolff:
Märchenträume - Furchtbar schlimm! ( Thorofon CTH 2562/2 )
Ein solcher ist mein Freund (Thorofon CTH 2586)
Love Novels (Thorofon CTH2609/2)
Ein neues Wunderland der Sehnsucht ( Thorofon CTH2619)

Anton Urspruch:
Zauberdunkel und Lichtazur ( Thorofon CTH 2585 )

Alexander Zemlinsky:
Märchenträume - Furchtbar schlimm! ( Thorofon CTH 2562/2 )

Christmas songs and scenes by various composers :
Es glänzen die Sternlein je länger je mehr … (Thorofon CTH2618/2)

Siegfried Wagner:
Der Heidenkönig ( Marco Polo 8.225301-03)
Der Kobold on CD (Marco Polo 8.225329-31)
and on DVD (Marco Polo 2.220003-04)
Der Schmied von Marienburg ( Marco Polo 8.225346-48)

Anton Urspruch:
Das Unmöglichste von Allem ( Naxos 8.660333-35)

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