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Susan Anders Brizick
Voice Teacher and Soprano

Voice Teaching Studio

Have you ever wanted to learn to sing, but afraid to try? Have you ever felt like you have two very different singing voices or trouble maneuvering through certain areas of your voice? Would you like to develop ease and consistency throughout your vocal range to create one true singing voice? Do you want to find the best style of music for your singing voice? Although natural talent exists, most people have to work at singing. Vocal technique can be learned, much like learning to ride a bike or driving a car. YOU can find your true singing voice through consistent, focused study.

Good technique and healthy vocal care are the first building blocks to develop a singing voice that will last a lifetime. I love teaching people to sing and watching students grow as both musicians and individuals. Each student possesses a different instrument with which to work. I help each student become the best singer they can be.

- First we assess where you are musically, individually and how you best learn.

- From there we create individual singing and musical goals to help you succeed as a singer.

- Then we work to find the music that suits your interests, abilities, and unique voice to create a stronger, more beautiful vocal sound.

- We create building blocks to work on week by week to ultimately reach your individual goals.

From developing a more solid vocal technique, you build confidence in yourself and as a singer and want to do that audition, sing in front of others at voice workshops, recitals, and on stage.

Whether you have professional aspirations or just want to have fun, I can help you build the skills you need and teach you how to apply the principles of healthy vocal production to every style of music while avoiding the pitfalls. If you love to sing, but are afraid to sing in front of others, want to be in the school musical or community theater or want to build more confidence in your singing abilities and fulfill your dream to sing well, give voice lessons a try.

Do you know of someone else who would like to sing? Give the gift of voice lessons to yourself or someone you love.

"Susan is knowledgeable, clear, patient and warm-hearted - a perfect combination for a teacher."
- Margaret Cusack, Westminster Choir College

"Susan uses teaching techniques that promote an
emotionally secure and vocally healthy environment
in which her students are able to grow, learn, and

- James Olson, Garnet Valley School District

Listen to one of Susan's Students who made it to the Fifth and Final Round in Delaware County Idol Jr.

Weekly voice lessons are available Tuesdays and Thursdays, day and evening in half hour, forty five minute, and hour time slots.

Please contact Susan Anders Brizick at susananders@aol.com or 610-344-9079 for specific rates and schedule. Visit My Blog for more information regarding singing and teaching.
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Contact Susan for information regarding her ongoing Masterclasses, recital opportunities and Summer Musical Theater Series , an intensive 5 voice lesson program and 1 Acting Masterclass and Dance Workshop for the aspiring singer.

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